As January fast approaches and the 2016 OAA State Leadership Conference is within our sights, the Opticians Association of America (OAA) with a grant provided by the ABO-NCLE has will once again be hosting the theStudent to Leadership Program.  This special program provides funding to students and apprentices in order for these future opticianry leaders to have the opportunity to attend the OAA State Leadership Conference.
In an effort to encourage successive leadership within both state associations and our industry, OAA would like to have every state association bring a student/apprentice to the 2016 OAA State Leadership Conference in January. 

Also, OAA realizes that every state does not have an association, so OAA is encouraging any student/apprentice who is interested in becoming an industry leader to apply for a travel grant.

It is commonly said that "the youth are our future". We hope that you will agree and join with OAA in our committed effort to invest in the development of leadership potential within the brightest and most promising students and apprentices in opticianry.

As this program grows over the years, we look forward to welcoming a student/apprentice representative from every state at the Annual OAA State Leadership Conference, who will in turn, contribute to the growth and development of their state association and help to advance and strengthen the profession on a national level.  
In order to ease the financial burden for state associations, students, and apprentices, OAA has waived the conference registration fee for this special group.  In addition, for those state associations and students/apprentices that are unable to financially participate in this effort, OAA is offering a grant of up to $1,000 per student/apprentice.

There are a limited number of students/apprentices that can be fully supported, so each state association or NFOS School needing financial assistance can (click here) for the grant application. Each grant application recommending a student/apprentice must be completed by a state association or NFOS School and submitted by October 31, 2015 in order to be considered. 
Every student/apprentice 
wishing to receive a travel grant who is not associated with their state association or a school can do so by (clicking here) and applying directly.  All grant requests must be submitted by October 31, 2015 in order to be considered.  

OAA will review these applications and let you know our decision by November 13th, with an email and phone call to the applicants chosen for this great opportunity.