Opticianry Branding Tools

Opticianry Branding Tools

This past year, the Opticians Association of America held a video contest asking for you to explain in 90 seconds or less what an optician is and does.  Our association received entries from members, state associations and professional marketing companies.   Through a celebrity panel of judges an overall winner was chosen. 


The winning video’s title is “An Optician’s Main Focus” and it is available to anyone who wishes to use it in your branding efforts.  Feel free to download the video and place it on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter.  We want the video to go viral, but that will not happen without your help.  It is your profession, so be proud and loud.

The Opticians Association of America has created a "Branding Image" that can be used anywhere to help build interest in our profession.  The Opticians Association of America contacted a marketing expert to help us build a marketing image that is both informative and eye catching.  In today's world, you only get about 3 seconds to explain your message.  We were able to accomplish this by using four total words.

Helping America See V2 72 PPI Color for Webpng


This image is free and can be used by any optician in any social media, electronic or print format.  You can download the image by clicking here.

The Opticians Association of America has also set aside funding to help our member states who wish to use the video in their branding efforts.  Click Here for the application.  The funding can be used to run the video on television, Facebook advertisements, etc. - whatever you can come up with.  The video is yours – use it please.


If you, your business or state association does not currently have a presence through social media, you can click here for an easy guide to setting up different social media accounts.  It is easy and you need to have a presence on the web.

The tools have been created.  Now it is up to you to use these important tools to get the message out.  Help to build a better profession by using these tools to inform consumers.  The Opticians Association of America wants you to be proud of your profession and these tools should help you build a professional image of who we are and what we do.

Here are some quick links that should be of assistance to you in your branding efforts:


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Best wishes in your branding efforts.