Spring 2015 Jonathan Adler Collection

REM Eyewear Introduces Spring 2015 Jonathan Adler Collection


Sun Valley, CA (March 31, 2015) – Synonymous with the brand’s design philosophy, Jonathan Adler Eyewear by REM is an assortment of timelessly chic products, accessorized with abandon. Fusing impeccable craftsmanship, colorful patterns and irreverent luxury, the spring 2015 optical, sun and reader collection of Jonathan Adler Eyewear is created to invigorate its wearer.


Drawing inspiration from mid-century design aesthetics and Jonathan Adler’s love for arts and crafts, Jonathan Adler Eyewear embodies glamourous and sophisticated features that are unrivalled. Such elements include feminine silhouettes with a touch of subtle flair, rich, handmade acetate, vibrant hue combinations such as pattern play and color blocking, along with signature ‘JA’ initials on laser-engraved epoxy filled round temple tips. Select eyewear styles also feature a luxurious end-piece crafted from campaign hardware used on Jonathan Adler furniture – creating fun, fabulous eyewear.


“With the spring 2015 collection, we wanted to create classic eyewear that embodies glamour and sophistication” says Nicolas Roseillier, creative director at REM Eyewear. “We were able to tell the brand story with bold, luxurious colorways, high-fashion silhouettes and custom acetate Jonathan Adler patterns.”


Available for purchasing now, the spring 2015 Jonathan Adler optical collection will carry a book price of $58-$65 USD, while the sun collection will be priced at $49-$64 and readers at $29. For more information or to schedule a viewing with your REM sales representative, call 800-423-3023 or visit REMEyewear.com.


JA100: Fabulous and festive, the JA100 frame is a showstopper. Combining a brushed metal frame front with lacquer finish and metal temples with a matte finish, topped off with a laser-engraved epoxy fill of signature ‘JA’ initials on round temple tips, the JA100 is a beautifully crafted cat-eye frame that will tastefully accentuate the features of any woman. Available in 53/15/135 in Black/Pink, Light Gunmetal and Purple/Fuchsia.


JA101: Inspired by the actresses of the golden era, the JA101 is a retro, semi-rimless cat-eye that’s destined to be your favorite frame. Featuring a brushed metal frame front with a lacquer finish, the JA101 is made with a custom acetate Jonathan Adler pattern on the inside of the temples and stamped with a stunning Jonathan Adler logo plaque on the temples, making it modern art for your eyes. Available in 52/17/140 in Black, Burgundy and Light Gunmetal.


JA300: Avant-garde meets classically chic with the JA300 frame. Boasting a bold modified square shape, the JA300 – crafted from handmade acetate – also features the signature Jonathan Adler logo plaque on the temples, creating a swanky essence that’s undeniable. Available in 53/21/140 in Black/Tokyo Tortoise, Tokyo Tortoise/Purple and White Tortoise/Blue Tortoise.


JA301: A fancy frame for the fancy woman, the JA301 is strikingly picturesque. Crafted from handmade acetate, the JA301 has a flattering modified square silhouette, along with a luxurious end-piece made from campaign hardware used on Jonathan Adler furniture – a surprising element that adds another level of charm to its already superb makeup. Available in 53/18/135 in Black/Tokyo Tortoise, Blue/Blue Tortoise and Purple/Pink Tortoise.


JA302: A total statement piece that encourages expanded creativity, the JA302 is a captivating frame for the high-spirited woman. Crafted from rich acetate, and featuring a dramatic, feminine cat-eye silhouette that exudes elegance, the JA302 combines ladylike luxe with sleek detailing; creating eyewear that enlivens the skin, making all who wear it feel more energetic and glamourous. Available in 51-19-140 in Black/White Tortoise, Blue/Blue Tortoise and Tokyo Tortoise w/Purple.


JA303: Ideal for women with a flair for fashionable shapes and energetic colors, the JA303 doesn’t disappoint. Presented in a classic rectangular silhouette, the JA303 features a custom made digital printed acetate pattern inside the temples and an end-piece made from campaign hardware used on Jonathan Adler furniture, making it an exciting, youthful frame with a touch of panache. Available in 53/17/135 in Black, Burgundy and Purple.


JA304: A groovy frame that oozes verve, the JA304 is for the fashion-forward woman who loves glamour. Offered in an array of color ways, the JA304 features a flattering modified square shape, a custom acetate Jonathan Adler pattern on the inside of the temples and a laser-engraved epoxy fill of signature ‘JA’ initials on round temple tips, making it an irresistible statement piece. Available in 52/19/140 in Black, Brown and Burgundy.


JA305: the spirit of its wearer. Showing off a never-out-of-style modified square silhouette offered in vibrant color ways, along with a hot stamped Jonathan Adler logo on its temples, the JA305 serves as an accent that embodies ‘less is more.’ Available in 54/17/140 in Black/Turquoise, Navy/ Fuchsia and Tortoise/Black.


JA306: Crafted with finesse and fancy flair, the JA306 is beautifully made. With its aesthetic simply exhibited in its round frame silhouette and a hot stamped Jonathan Adler logo on its temples, along with a laser-engraved epoxy fill of signature ‘JA’ initials on round temple tips, the JA306 delivers the essence of remarkable eyewear. Available in 51/19/135 in Black/White, Crystal/Tortoise and Navy/Turquoise.




Acapulco: Inspired by the calm waters of Acapulco Bay, the Acapulco features everything you need in eyewear – charm, adventure and an incredible fit. Crafted from rich acetate, the Acapulco boasts a unisex modified square shape and a laser-engraved epoxy fill of signature ‘JA’ initials on round temple tips, delivering style with a splash! Available in 57-21-145 in Black/Tokyo Tortoise, Crystal, Navy/Multicolored and White/Multicolored.


Capri: A mix of nature, culture and craft, the elements of Capri blend together to create eyewear that sees no comparison anywhere in the world. Boasting a glamorous oversized shape, fun color ways such as the mixed Tokyo Tortoise/Pink Tortoise option and signature elements such as the Jonathan Adler logo plaque on the temples and a laser-engraved epoxy fill of signature ‘JA’ initials on round temple tips, the Capri is a luxurious frame, perfect for cruising around town with your convertible top down and hair blowing in the wind! Available in 55-20-140 in Black/Blue Tortoise, Purple w/Tokyo Tortoise and Tokyo Tortoise/Pink Tortoise.


Palm Beach: Just like the captivating destination it’s appropriately named after, the Palm Beach offers amazing aesthetics, and world-class design. With an alluring cat-eye shape inspired by mid-century elegance, the Palm Beach is a luxe acetate frame that features the Jonathan Adler logo plaque on the temples and a laser-engraved epoxy fill of signature ‘JA’ initials on round temple tips. You’ll also find custom Jonathan Adler patterns inside the temples – creating unique eyewear that will make anyone feel privileged. Available in 53-19-140 in Black, Brown and Red.

Positano: The soothing water colors just off the Amalfi coast in Italy serve as the muse for the Positano frame. Showcasing a flattering, oversized cat-eye shape on a luxe acetate frame with glamorous color ways, the Positano is like having the fresh ocean breeze at your beck and call. Available in 60-15-140 in Black, Tokyo Tortoise and White Tortoise.


Santorini: Appropriately named after the dramatically glamorous views of Santorini Island, the Santorini offers its wearer style, craft and joy.  Featuring a unisex modified square shape and a luxurious end-piece – made from campaign hardware used on Jonathan Adler furniture, available in gold and gunmetal – the Santorini is the personification of stunning high-end eyewear. Available in 54-19-145 in Black/White, Crystal/Tortoise and Navy/Turquoise.


Waikiki: the Waikiki frame is an expression of irreverent luxury. Big and bold with spirited color ways and an oversized hexagonal shape that’s currently used on Jonathan Adler handbags, the Waikiki is a fun, must-have statement piece that’s a dream come true for the highly fashionable woman. Available in 55-21-140 in Black/Tortoise, Navy Tortoise Gradient and Tortoise Gradient.




JA800:  Exuding timeless, subtle glamour, the JA800 reader is the perfect high-fashion accessory for the chic woman of today. Boasting a feminine, rectangular silhouette that’s offered in luxe color ways, the JA800 is elegant and ready-to-wear. Available in 54-15-145 in Black/Turquoise, Burgundy/Navy, Navy/Pink and Tortoise/Lime.


JA801: Designed for the sophisticated, modern woman, the JA801 is a striking reader that captures effortless sophistication. With its sleek cat-eye shape and high-end craftsmanship, the JA801 is created with Jonathan Adler’s signature sensibility, combining luxury, charm and contemporary fashion. Available in 50-19-145 in Black/Teal, Burgundy/Navy, Navy/Fuchsia, and Tortoise/Pink.


JA802: Set the tone for your day and add a pop of color with the stylish J802 reader. Showing off a universally flattering modified square shape and the signature Jonathan Adler logo on the temples, the J802 is a lustrous frame that makes looking good easy. Available in 52-17-140 in Black/Turquoise, Navy/Fuchsia and Tortoise/Black.  


JA803: The JA803 reader is perfect for the woman who’s invested in chic, polished accessories. Featuring a modified round silhouette and fabulous color ways, the JA803 is nothing short of dynamically subtle eyewear.  Available in 51-19-135 in Black/White, Crystal/Tortoise and Navy/Tortoise.  


About REM Eyewear


REM Eyewear is a worldwide leader in the innovative design, manufacture and marketing of state-of-the-art eyewear, serving more than 80 nations across six continents, with headquarters in Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong and the UK. Lead by award-winning Creative Director, Nicolas Roseillier, REM's portfolio of best-selling brands includes John Varvatos, Jonathan Adler, Converse, Tumi, SPINE, Jones New York, Cosmopolitan, Lucky Brand, Lucky Kid, Indie, Lipstick, Surface, and Visualites. Family owned-and-operated for more than sixty years, REM Eyewear is dedicated to upholding its core values of Quality, Imagination, Commitment, Collaboration, Wisdom, Trust and Respect. For more information on REM Eyewear, visit us at www.REMEyewear.com.


About Jonathan Adler


Jonathan Adler is dedicated to bringing style, craft, and joy to your life.  There are more than 25 Jonathan Adler stores worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations globally. His roots as an artist and sculptor continue to influence his brand of home accessories, which includes decorative objects, tabletop collections, bedding, bath accessories, candles, furniture, rugs, pillows, lighting and more. Adler is the author of the Happy Chic book series. He lives in New York City with his partner, Barneys Creative Ambassador at Large Simon Doonan, and their Norwich Terrier Liberace.  To learn more, please visit www.jonathanadler.com.