Charmant: ELLE Sunwear

Charmant: ELLE Sunwear SS15


ELLE evokes the spirit and style of Paris with a vibe that is chic, elegant and full of joy. Characterized by the confidence and understated glamour of a quintessential Parisian woman, the ELLE look is a smart fusion of modern femininity and sartorial panache that feels and looks good to wear. This attractive, effortless style with its underlying French flavor is the secret of ELLE’s enduring lead in today’s bustling fashion market.


ELLE eyewear expresses the ambiance of the brand in a new sunglasses’ collection that carries the poise and beauty of Paris: the city and its women. Frame profiles are sensuously sculpted revealing slender, tailored lines and a smooth touch on frame curves and angles. Fresh inspirations are drawn from the baroque opulence of Parisian architecture with contemporary references displayed as ornate but tasteful temple decorations. Colors are the sensation of the new ELLE eyewear styles with fabulous new shades and innovative executions. Orange flashes, summer blues and daring reds are striking statement hues while the colour spectrum is reborn in dazzling gradients and sublime pearled tones.


EL14801 Parisian baroque is a key inspiration of these stunning new ELLE sunglasses. A precious metal temple embellishment featuring a chic tri-replicate diamond-shaped inlay is an elegant nod to the grandeur of the style and provides a dramatic foil to the frame’s understated square profile.


EL14809 Add a bold color accent to your summer look with this sensational sun frame from the latest ELLE collection. Striking tones of blue, green, red and Havana are revealed in glossy transparent impressions. Frame sides are pared down to unveil an exciting second colour layer. Slender temples boast an elongated metal cuff that evokes upmarket arm jewellery. This precious decoration is composed of a new take on the ELLE logo featuring a 3-D engraving in matte and shiny lettering.


EL14813 ELLE presents a gorgeous new sun frame that brings grace and panache to every occasion. Baroque opulence inspires an intricate front and temple decoration. The charming low-key front profile delivers classic style and fresh color directions in striated demi fusions, including brown-green, black-blue and pink-blue, while temples are revealed in solid pearl. This chic look is also available in all-over black.