New and Improved American Optician Publication

The Opticians Association of America is proud to introduce the new and improved American Optician Publication...


The American Optician has been the Opticians Association of America's Newsletter for many years.  The old version of the newsletter was printed and mailed.  In an effort to get timely information to our membership, our organization has changed the format and will now produce four (4) editions of the magazine every year.


The first Edition of the American Optician in the new format has been completed and our organization is very proud to present it to you.  You can view the magazine by clicking here.


In this Edition edition, you will find articles on the following hot topics...


Any Willing Provider Legislation

Leadership: What does it Really Mean?

The Importance of Communication

What makes a Great Optician?

Question of Vision Care Insurance

Avoiding Remakes

Optical Heritage Museum

Hazards of Blue Light


The Opticians Association of America truly hopes that you will check out the new publication.  You will not be disappointed.