Statute Sec. 352.002.

DEFINITIONS. In this chapter:(1) "Board" means the Texas Board of Health.

(2) "Contact lens dispensing" means fabricating, ordering, mechanically adjusting, dispensing, selling, and delivering to a consumer contact lenses in accordance with a prescription from a physician, optometrist, or therapeutic optometrist, along with appropriate instructions for the care and handling of the lenses. The term does not include, unless directed or approved by a physician:

(A) taking any measurements of the eye or the cornea; or

(B) evaluating the physical fit of contact lenses.

(3) "Contact lens prescription" means a written specification from a physician, optometrist, or therapeutic optometrist for therapeutic, corrective, or cosmetic contact lenses that states the refractive power of the product and other information required to be in the specification by the physician, optometrist, therapeutic optometrist, Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, or Texas Optometry Board.

(4) "Department" means the Texas Department of Health.

(5) "Dispensing optician" or "ophthalmic dispenser" means a person who provides or offers to provide spectacle or contact lens dispensing services or products to the public.

(6) "Spectacle dispensing" means designing, verifying, fitting, adjusting, selling, or delivering to a consumer fabricated and finished ophthalmic devices, including spectacle lenses and frames but excluding contact lenses, in accordance with a prescription from a physician, therapeutic optometrist, or optometrist. The term includes:

(A) prescription analysis and interpretation;

(B) the measurement of the face, including interpupillary distances, to determine the size, shape, and specifications of the spectacle lenses or frames best suited to the wearer's needs;

(C) the preparation and delivery of a work order to a laboratory technician engaged in grinding lenses and fabricating spectacles;

(D) the verification of the quality of finished spectacle lenses;

(E) the adjustment of spectacle lenses or frames to the wearer's face; and

(F) the adjustment, repair, replacement, or reproduction of a previously prepared, specially

fabricated ophthalmic device.