Statute § 43-29-2.

Definitions As used in this chapter, the term: (1) "Board" means the State Board of Dispensing Opticians. (2) "Dispensing optician" means, subject to Code Section 43-29-18, an individual who is duly licensed to prepare and dispense lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and optical devices to the intended user thereof as specifically directed or authorized on the written prescription of a physician skilled in diseases of the eye or an optometrist duly licensed to practice his profession.

HISTORY: Ga. L. 1956, p. 148, § 2; Ga. L. 1981, p. 1378, § 1.

Rule 420-6-.01 Dispensing Opticians. Amended.

(1) A "dispensing optician" is anyone who prepares, fits and dispenses prescription lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or any other type of vision-correcting optical device to the intended user.

(2) A person will be considered as within this definition who does any one or a combination of the following practices:

(a) Interprets optical prescriptions issued by an ophthalmologist, optometrist or physician for the lab optician who fabricates vision-correcting optical lenses;

(b) Measures inter-ocular or pupillary distances to determine the proper position of vision-correcting lenses;

(c) Determines the necessary type or shape of lenses or position of multi-focal segments and optical centers for the intended wearer of vision-correcting optical lenses;

(d) Measures any part of a person's face or head for the purpose of adapting any vision correcting optical device thereto;

(e) Adapts or aligns frames with vision-correcting lenses to the face of the intended wearer.

(3) Although the Act does not require licensing of those lab opticians or persons who perform merely mechanical work upon inert materials in an optical office or laboratory, it does anticipate that dispensing opticians will, in addition to the above skills, have a basic knowledge of these laboratory techniques. The responsibility to the public for correct grinding and lens preparation, etc., is placed in the hands of the dispensing optician or fitter, and this is the person the Act seeks to control by requiring that he be qualified and licensed.

Authority Ga. L. 1956, pp. 148, 149; Ga. L. 1968, p. 1360. Administrative History. Original Rule entitled

"Dispensing Opticians" was filed on April 14, 1969; effective May 3, 1969. Amended: Rule repealed and a new Rule of the same title adopted.

Filed March 3, 1981; effective March 23, 1981

Rule 420-4-.01 All Work Under Supervision of Licensed Dispensing Optician.

Any trainee, apprentice, unlicensed optician, or any other person working for and under a licensed dispensing optician, optometrist, or physician shall not do optical dispensing unless he/she is working exclusively for and under the direct supervision of a licensed dispensing optician, optometrist, or physician and does not hold himself/herself out to the public generally as a dispensing optician. Direct supervision shall mean daily, onsite, close contact while optical dispensing is taking place within the retail establishment.

Authority O.C.G.A. Sec. 43-29-18. History. Original Rule entitled “All Work Under Supervision of Licensed Dispensing Optician” adopted. F. and eff. June 30, 1965. Amended: F. June 29, 1971; eff. July 19, 1971. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. Sept. 14, 1999; eff. Oct. 4, 1999.effective July 19, 1971. Amended: F. Sept. 14, 1999; eff. Oct. 4, 1999.